Simple past and present perfect... "spoken" by a donkey

At the moment the second form English classes are learning the use of present perfect and simple past. It's very different than Dutch. I thought a nice "voice" (of the donkey in a Budweiser commercial) might be a good addition to my blog. Click on the link in the menu on the right hand side of my blog page called simple past donkey. He's telling a story first--using simple past--but listen particularly to his last sentence:  I must have said...  

'Placed a video link

        Snowball Fight - Budweiser commercial       

Dear readers, I've placed a video link of one of my favourites: the Budweiser snowball fight between grown-up Clydesdale horses and young 'uns. See the link in the right hand menu. Here you see a picture of the young 'uns (slang for young ones), who think they're the cat's pyjamas... and one of their targets... but look who laughs last.

Can't place my power point

My power point about using English song texts as a school project is in tears, here inside my pc. I can't place it as it's not on line anywhere. 
I used it to introduce an extra project, half in school time and half outside of school time (after school) with two high level second form classes which were in bilingual programs. Many different kinds of music were used, ranging from rock and folk to classical and jazz, each fitting a different example of a subject they could research in English on the Internet. Students also needed to create their own slides for a power point presentation. Music was customized to linger on slides with more text and end after the last slide could be read. It was a project where students could earn credits for English, artwork, music and IT.
If you're interested, send me a reaction and maybe we can exchange data through an e-mail. 

My top five

My very favourite is of course They have software on two levels for English practice. (Yes, they also have software for Dutch and German, I think  French will be next). As far as I know, they're the only ones with some consideraion for spelling mistakes. High Five to start with--after kids have left primary school and are into English more seriously, first or second form--then Mind the Gap if they wish to go further.
2) ... is number two, absolutely the best site in the Netherlands for finding work in secondary schools. many school sites even reer to it standard for any vacancies, even short substituting jobs because of (planned) absence. You can search by subject, area and level.

Lees verder...

Writing a story in a different way

I have always wanted to write a story with many classes--maybe even in different cities or countries--in a short amount of time, possibly in one day. We would begin in the morning and have it finished by the end of the school day.

How would you do this? Is it possible to set something up that appears on line and in different “styles” for example, with spaces named for each school so that everyone keeps continuing, after each school has written part of a story?

How do you control language use, to make sure it doesn’t go “out” until you’ve checked it?? Do you let more groups write things, then decide as a class what will be added to the official story and add it?

There's a first time for everything

Hello, people. Yes, there's a first time for everything and this is my first blog entry. No time, no time, Mad Hatter's tea party, more later. Mart